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Training for all groups from Thursday 28 May

We would like to inform you about the training in the coming period, taking into account the applicable rules for safe sports.

For the time being, we will only train on Thursdays at the International School Eindhoven, where we have the opportunity to train outside on different fields and are well protected on the school’s own grounds.

Thursday May 21 there is no training due to Ascension. We will start with all age groups from Thursday 28 May, after training only with the youth members last week.

We therefore want to start with all three groups before Thursday 28 May:

  • From 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm for the group up to 12 years old at the concrete location (1 maître)
  • From 19.30 to 20.45 the group from 13 to 18 years starts on the artificial grass (2 maîtres)
  • The group of adults starts at 20:00 on the concrete site. (1 maître)

Youth up to 12 years old do not have to follow the 1.5m rule, so they can also compete against each other.

Everyone from the age of 13 must adhere to the 1.5m rule. In addition to various movement exercises, the maître will train to measure in fencing clothing and with a weapon.

For the youth it is not the intention that the parents stay with the training.

There is no dressing room, and no sanitary facilities, so come to the location in training clothes, so that you can easily put on your fencing clothes (vest) and bring your weapon, glove and mask. We’ll see if we can make material available if you don’t have it. We also advise you to bring water and a warm jacket.

If it starts to rain very hard on Thursday, the training will be canceled. We will let you know via email and whatsapp groups.

A Corona safety person will be appointed (recognizable by a colored vest), who will ensure that no one breaks the 1.5m rule and supervises the parents / supervisors.

We adhere to the rules of the NOC-NSF regarding safe sports.

Our fencing association En Garde and the KNAS follow the rules of the national government and RIVM. A summary of their announcements can be found on the website of the National Government.

Below is the link with the established protocols for responsible sports for children and youth (which we must adhere to, deviations from this are not tolerated by the board!)

Also keep an eye on our whatsapp groups, Facebook group and Instagram account.

We are happy that we can start training again for all groups. See you on May 28!