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About us

En Garde is the association for starting and advanced fencers from the age of 7. Sporty, challenging and fun. Feel free to come and have a look and / or sign up for our 3 trial lessons for € 15. We have two training locations in Veldhoven and in Eindhoven and two training days, Monday and Thursday. All weapons are trained and in Eindhoven there is the possibility to practice wheelchair fencing. With this we hope to be the fencing club for Southeast Brabant, with attention for all branches of the fencing sport.En Garde was created after the merger of PSV Schermen and SV Courage and represents more than 130 years of fencing experience.


vic Vic Hartog
maryam Maryam Yazdani
adrian Adrian Skiba


Chairman Paul Baats,
Secretary Luuk Hammecher,
Member administration Yifei Chen,