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Contribution and Membership

The contribution is composed of the K (oninklijke) N (ederlandse) A (lgemene) S (chermbond) -year membership and the membership of the association. Membership of the KNAS is necessary for every fencer in connection with the collective liability and accident insurance . This makes it possible for you to fence without worries. Read more about the benefits on the KNAS website .

The KNAS contribution for 2023 per year is:

youth 7 to 20 years old € 31.65 per year
seniors from 21 years old € 63.30 per year

The monthly contribution is:

youth 7 to 14 years old € 19.50 per month
youth from 15 years and adults
€ 21.50 per month

Fencing equipment rental

The club has a limited amount of fencing equipment for rent. Ideal to bridge the period if you are not sure whether you want to continue with this sport.

  • We assume that you will purchase your own equipment after about six months of fencing.

The cost of the equipment is 30,- per three months, regardless of the number of pieces of equipment you use.

  • From the rented equipment, the weapon remains at the club, the mask, the glove and the fencing clothing can be taken home

You can find current international clothing standards on the KNAS website.

A price indication for a 350nw starter set (fencing vest, mask, weapon) is approx. 150/175 euro, suitable for competitive fencers up to 12 years old and for recreational fencers of any age.

Borrowing materials:

Note: lending of electrical equipment is excluded!

Borrowing is always only possible in consultation with the board. A loan form is completed and signed for:

  • 1st participation JPT
  • 1st participation in tournaments for which the available club material is sufficiently standardized


Use of images on the website and Facebook

If you become / are a member of En Garde, you grant the association permission to use images made at competitions / training / events.

If you object to the publication of material on which you are personally identifiable, you can make this known in writing by sending an email to the .

The encumbered photos will be removed as soon as possible afterwards.

Subscribe or unsubscribe from En Garde

Great that you want to register with En Garde.

Download here the registration form

and send it to the .

The first 3 months you can use the material at the fencing club and you only need a T-shirt, long sports pants and indoor shoes.



You can terminate your membership every month. KNAS membership is always counted for a whole year.
Send an email to the Please enable javascript in the browser containing your first and last name and your date of birth.