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Club championships

Every year in December we organize the club championships.

Parent / child fencing

Spend a sportive evening with your child? This evening it is possible for one parent or caregiver, together with his / her fencing child to experience a lesson. Fencing material from the club is available for free this evening.
Registration is not necessary and participation is entirely without obligation. The maître lets you know through your child when there is another evening parent-child fencing evening. By then it is also in the calendar.

Note: wear room sports shoes and easy-fitting clothing!

Fencing demonstrations at Heeze Castle

Although we have previously communicated something different, participation in the Castle Day will not take place this year.

Annual meeting

For an association, the annual meeting is an important moment in which decisions for the coming year are taken.
Do you already have questions and / or comments about this? Then of course they are also very welcome at the board.


Er zijn geen aankomende evenementen.


On the website you will find an up-to-date overview of most national and international fencing tournaments.


Register for tournaments

Do you want to take part in a fencing tournament for foil, sword or saber?

E-mail in a timely manner to the En Garde fencing secretariat. Both young and adult fencers will be registered this way in the right way for participation in both national and international competitions. The name and distribution in age categories can be found on the link below.

Bureau of tournaments:

Henri Faber:


Jeugd Punten Toernooi

The Youth Points Tournaments (JPT) are a series of easy accessible tournaments where youth fencers can compete against opponents of their own age and level once a month. For winning games and scored hits, points are awarded with which different diplomas and Brassards are earned. It is a nice stepping stone to KNAS tournaments and for many the ideal acquaintance with competitive sports.

En Garde calls on all young people to join the JPT to taste the atmosphere and experience how much fun it is to fence real matches. You can measure yourself with peers from other fencing associations.

Practical issues

When: in principle every 3rd Saturday of the month.In the months of July and August there is no JPT. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Nahouw website. Where: Many locations in the Netherlands; participating associations are hosts; this can be in Breda, Veldhoven but also Apeldoorn. On the Nahouw website you can see where the JPTs take place. Costs: You register per year for € 45.

Times: Registration between 12.00 and 12.30, at 16.00 hours the tournament is over.

If you want to participate, you must always e-mail the
10 days before the start of the contest. He will pass on your application to the organization of the JPT.

More information

More information about the organization, costs of participation and the results of the youth point tournaments are usually updated a few days after the match and can be found on the JPT page of Knas.

Pictures JPT 16.03.2019 in Best: